How to remove epoxy from concrete

While epoxy remains one of the top products used in many homes, it can become a problem when it stains your concrete. If you want to get rid of epoxy coating, this is possible with some chemicals and elbow grease. We will talk about how to remove epoxy from concrete.

Using Acid

You can use acid to remove epoxy from concrete, however, you need to soak the floor for some time. Some recommended chemicals that can help you clean epoxy from concrete include toluene, muriatic acid, and sulfuric acid. However, ensure there is proper ventilation and you wear protective gear.

Using a Solvent

Asides from acid, you can also use solvent to get rid of epoxy from your concrete. But note, that using solvent requires more time and work to be productive. You could consider paint thinners because they can give you a better chance. However, you need to scrap ether flooring before applying this solvent.

Using the floor grinder

The floor grinder machine can also do a good job to make your concrete clean of epoxy. Ensure you read the manual before usage or get a professional to help with the process.

Nick Lewins
Nick Lewins

Concrete Expert and the CEO of ECF - Flooring and concrete company.