How to Remove Tile From Concrete Floor

Here’s how to remove tile from concrete: You must have previously put on protective clothing like hand gloves, safety boots, etc., and covered semi-attached equipment like air conditioners. Now, follow these steps:

Step 1: Start beneath a tile. Undercut the tile. Broken tiles and loose grout are good areas to start repairing a floor. Choose a grout line at a corner if there is no clear beginning place. Reduce airborne dust and debris. Cover the tile with a cloth. Break the tile using a hammer or maul.

Step 2: Clean rough tiles properly. Expect stubborn tiles. Hold the chisel at an angle and pound or maul it where it’s stuck to the flooring As needed.

Step 3: Ceramic tile removal isn’t delicate, so keep everything simple. Gently slant tiles upward and away from walls and cabinets until they can be dragged out by hand. In this circumstance, a flat shovel or pry bar may help.

Step 4: Clean up after removing the tiles. Sweep the walls toward the room’s center. Ceramic tiles are hefty and spiky. Move tile waste using a shovel, brush, and dustpan into a garbage bag or pail.

Step 5: Chisel off any residual adhesive from the subfloor. Pulse a jackhammer against the adhesive. To achieve smooth flooring, remove as much glue as feasible.

Step 6: Vacuum again to keep your area clean after completion.

Nick Lewins
Nick Lewins

Concrete Expert and the CEO of ECF - Flooring and concrete company.