Thinset Removal with Putty Knife

You’ve battled to remove your tiles, but there’s more to accomplish because you must remove old thinset from concrete. There are three known methods, and Here’s how:

Thinset Removal with Putty Knife

  1. Pour boiling water over the thinset.
  2. Putty knife at 45 degrees to thinset.
  3. Start chipping away at the new cracks; clean up.

Making Use of a Hammer Drill Method

  1. Attach a chisel bit to your hammer drill.
  2. Cut the thinset at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Reduce chisel angle for thicker thinset.
  4. Chisel off thinset patches. After 20 to 30 seconds of pounding, thinset portions should shatter.

Angle Grinder Thinset Removal

  1. Attach a 13-18 cm diamond-cut wheel to your grinder.
  2. If required, replace the dust shroud. Consider replacing a loose dust shroud.
  3. Attach a 5-horsepower wet-dry vacuum to the grinder.
  4. Move the 7-inch grinder left and right to cover the thinset fully as you chip away at the thinset.

Nick Lewins
Nick Lewins

Concrete Expert and the CEO of ECF - Flooring and concrete company.