is concrete impervious

First, what is an impervious surface?

An impervious surface is a type of surface that does not allow water to pass through it. This can include surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and other types of hard, compacted materials. Impervious surfaces are commonly found in urban areas, where they are used for roads, sidewalks, and other types of infrastructure. These surfaces can prevent water from soaking into the ground, which can have a number of negative effects on the environment, including increased runoff and decreased water quality.

is concrete impervious?

Yes, concrete is an impervious surface. This means that water will not be able to pass through it and will instead run off the surface. This can be a benefit in some situations, such as when used for roads and sidewalks, where it can help prevent flooding and erosion. However, the fact that water cannot soak into the ground can also have negative effects, such as increased runoff and decreased water quality.


Nick Lewins
Nick Lewins

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