How to Cut Concrete Pavers

When building a walkway, kitchen slab, garden, driveway, or concrete pavers, you will almost always need to modify the shape or size of the paver to fit your intended design.

People often don’t want to install pavers themselves because they think they won’t be able to cut the pavers or stones to the shape and size they want.

However, getting good at cutting concrete pavers is just as easy as getting good at any other skill that takes practice and knowledge. All you need is a good working surface, measuring tape, and gloves.

Paver cutting is as simple as using a hammer for any other do-it-yourself project. It’s best to leave cutting concrete pavers to professionals, but here are some tips to help you do it yourself.

Tools and Equipment You Will Need

Cutting Concrete Pavers With Hammer and Chisel

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Hammers and chisels are okay to use on brick or concrete pavers that are not too hard. It’s an old but efficient way to cut pavers. This is the best option if you don’t have electricity access at your project’s site.

Step 1

Measure the spot where you want to put the paver, and then use a pencil to mark the cutline on the paver.

Step 2

Place the paver on a flat surface, and place the sharp edge of a cold chisel on the pencil line. Hit the other end of the chisel with a hammer till it’s about 1/16 inch deep.

Step 3

When you’re done scoring the paver, lay it flat on the ground and put a brick-set chisel in the center of the groove. If you hit the end of the chisel hard with the hammer, the paver should break in two. If it doesn’t, score the cutline again with the cold chisel.

Step 4

You can use the brick set and a hammer to chip away any rough or protruding pieces from the center of the broken paver. When you’re done, you can add it to your layout.

Cutting Concrete Pavers with a Power Saw

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A power saw can cut just about any paver with the right blade. These saws are great for cutting stone pavers because they are easier and faster than a hammer and chisel. They’re an excellent choice if there are a lot of softer pavers for you to cut.

Step 1

Measure the area needed to be filled in your design, then use a pencil mark to indicate the extent of the area on the front and back of the paver.

Step 2

Use a diamond masonry blade on your power saw because it is designed to cut concrete. Your choice of blade is critical, as the wrong blade can destroy the concrete.

Step 3

Place the paver on a flat surface, then set the saw blade to cut half an inch deep. Follow the safety precautions listed on the saw. Power saws should always be used carefully to ensure safety.

Step 4

To do this, set the paver on top of a step or another paver so that the end of the brick is hanging over the edge and the scored line is facing down. Use one hand to hold the paver in place, and use a hammer to hit the ends of the paver very neatly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Use to Cut Concrete Pavers?

You can cut concrete pavers with a power saw, a drilling hammer, or a chisel. You can use a hammer and a chisel if you want to make a few cuts.

How Do You Cut a Concrete Paver Without a Saw?

You can cut pavers without a saw, either with a hammer and chisel or with a brick splitter.

How Can I Cut Concrete Without Using Power Tools?

Cutting concrete pavers without power tools can be done with a cold chisel and a hand sled.

What Tool is Best for Cutting Concrete Slabs?

People in the construction field often use a circular saw to cut concrete pavers, which is seen as the best tool for cutting concrete.

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Nick Lewins

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