How Much Does a Concrete Worker Make

How Much Does a Concrete Worker Make

Concrete workers earn an average yearly salary of $67,159, which equates to $22.69 per hour. Concrete employees at the lower end of the range, namely those in the lowest 10%, earn around $31,000 per year, while those in the top 10% make over 70,000 per year.

Many factors affect the amount of money a concrete worker makes. Some of those factors include the company and the contractor.

Also, the amount of money a concrete worker may estimate making is influenced by the location where they work. The states of California, Oregon, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Illinois all rank in the top five for the highest average salaries for concrete workers.

Read through this article to find out how much a concrete worker makes based on some factors like company, contractor, and location.

Working for Companies

The salary of a concrete worker employed by a company is determined by factors such as the hours worked and the company. In the winter, there is less work, and in the summer, people often work more than a 40-hour week.

Concrete workers working for a company can’t leave a project in the middle and come back the next day to finish it. This means that they often have to work extra hours.

How many extra hours you work each week depends on the type of construction you do and where you work. It also changes from job to job.

Also, the amount a concrete worker makes working for a company depends on the company. On average, top companies pay between $41,151 to $87,142, depending on the job description.

Based on Job Title

In concrete work, there are different job roles. Cement pourers, structural concrete superintendents, senior concrete supervisors, and concrete managers are just a few of the jobs available in the industry.

Title of Job

Annual Salary

Monthly Salary

Weekly Wage

Hourly Wage

Civil Concrete





Concrete Engineer





Concrete Manager





Senior Concrete Foreman





Structural Concrete Superintendent





Working for Contractors

Contractors’ concrete workers are usually more skilled and experienced. They can work with concrete in different stages, from raw materials to hardened foundations.

A concrete worker working for a contractor makes an average of $68,593 per year. That comes to about $32.98 per hour, which is about the same as $1,319 per week or $5,716 per month.

Different Locations

Pay is often more important in cities than in rural areas in the building and construction industry. Part of the reason for this is that a lot more people are willing to work in big cities.

Since the cost of living is also higher in urban areas, employees can expect a more significant portion of their wages to compensate for this. That being said, some of the top states with the highest salaries for concrete workers are:


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